Making Connections #HCTwitterConf19

18 July 2019

Making Connections #HCTwitterConf19

Making Connections, the first Humanities Commons Twitter Conference, took place on 18 July 2019.

If you missed the conference date, you can still attend! We’ve created Twitter moments for each presentation, which you can find here. You can also find individual links to each of the presentations on our Schedule page.

Humanities Commons is a nonprofit network built by and for humanities scholars where users can create a professional profile, discuss common interests, develop new ideas, and share their work. Built in partnership with a number of scholarly societies, it currently has over 17,000 members, 400 groups, 500 sites, and 7,000 deposits in the open access CORE repository. Members of Humanities Commons have built their digital presence and network through the incredible work they’ve created and shared.

For the first ever Humanities Commons Twitter conference, we not only wanted to give our users a space to showcase what they’ve built, but we also hoped to further explore how Humanities Commons fits within larger conversations of open access scholarship, inclusivity, and scholarly communications.

Check out the schedule! Presentations were invited on on a range of topics, including

  • Humanities Commons from different perspectives. How might a librarian/graduate student/independent scholar/professor/educator/etc. effectively use Humanities Commons?
  • Cool things you’ve done with your profile, a site, a digital project, a group, etc.
  • Humanities Commons in the classroom
  • Scholarly societies and scholarly communication
  • The commons, the digital commons, enclosure
  • Making scholarship open with Humanities Commons
  • The future of Humanities Commons
  • Critiques/questions about Humanities Commons
  • Community-building and community-owned digital platforms
  • HC‘s role in research and circulation of scholarship
  • Global issues in research and the circulation of scholarship
  • Digital humanities and Humanities Commons
  • Forging connections across the Commons
  • Inclusivity, accessibility, and Humanities Commons
  • New ways to use Humanities Commons

What is a Twitter conference? You can visit our guidelines to learn more about what a Twitter conference entails. Each presenter is given a 15 minute time slot during which they deliver their presentation through a Twitter thread. Tweets may include images, gifs, and links. All you need to attend and present is Internet access and a Twitter handle! We also encouraged out presenters to include our #HCTwitterConf19 hashtag in each tweet so that others can easily follow along. The conference was held throughout the day of Thursday, 18 July 2019 to ensure that presenters from different time zones would be able to participate.

Our conference is very inspired by the PressEd Twitter Conference!

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