The conference has passed, but you can click on the titles of each presentation in order to ‘attend’ that presentation at any time! One of the benefits of a Twitter conference is the fact that each presentation remains available and archived.

9:00 AM EDT “Why Should I?” 

Louise O’Boyle


9:20 AM EDT “Creating an [academic] Online Presence via Humanities Commons Blog”

Kay Sohini


9:40 AM EDT “Teaching DH in India: Online/Offline” 

Arjun Ghosh


10:00 AM EDT “Using Humanities Commons to Teach”

Palak Taneja


10:20 AM EDT “Yes, YOU Can! Building capable, sustainable web-based research databases and public outreach with just a browser”

Ian Johnson



“Publishing as process: Humanities Commons as a collaborative publication platform”

Janneke Adema


11:20 AM EDT “Someone Built a Tower on the Commons”

Pat Lockley


11:40 AM EDT “Humanities Commons as a Project Platform”

Andrew Newman


12:00 PM EDT “Virtual Hemingway: Using Humanities Commons to Create a Website Archive”

Lisa Tyler


12:20 PM EDT “De-Canonizing Shakespeare”

Tony Tambasco


12:40 PM EDT “Shakespeare in Early Film: A New Online Resource”

Kendra Leonard


1:00 PM EDT Humanities Commons as the Map of an (Evolving) Academic Career”

A. David Lewis


1:20 PM EDT “All the Lost Sheep”

Patrick McEvoy-Halston


1:40 PM EDT “Building Dual Power”

Adam Edwards


2:00 PM EDT “Against All Odds: Researching and Presenting the Stories of Mississippi’s First Black Legislators” 

DeeDee Baldwin



“Twitter, Equity, and Justice in the Humanities”

Roopika Risam


3:00 PM EDT “Showing Up and Spending Time: Building Value at HC”

Linda Levitt


3:20 PM EDT “EarlyPrint Library”

Philip Burns


3:40 PM EDT “The Historical Atlas of Lowell: A Deep Mapping Project”

Michael Millner


4:00 PM EDT “Re-thinking Neurohumanities”

Amanda Caterina Leong & Mehran Moradi



4:20 PM EDT “Arts Management – Better Connecting Academia and Practice”

Sherri Helwig


4:40 PM EDT


Humanities Commons’ Influence on Writing Courses Engagement”

Erin Jensen


5:00 PM EDT “The Legacy of Oscar Mack: Memory, Community, and Recovery”

Julian Chambliss


5:20 PM EDT “Research as a Process: Read/Think/Research/Write/Revise/Think”

Brooke A. Carlson


5:40 PM EDT Tea and Coffee Break
6:00 PM EDT “Rhetoric, Social Media, and Humanities Commons

Bradley Philbert


6:20 PM EDT “#LitCrit: Literature and Critique in the Age of Twitter”

Daniella Gati


6:40 PM EDT “Giving Voice to the Public Domain in a Crowdsourced Creation/Curation Community”

Amelia Chesley