Making Connections #HCTwitterConf19

18 July 2019


The conference has passed, but you can click on the titles of each presentation in order to ‘attend’ that presentation at any time! One of the benefits of a Twitter conference is the fact that each presentation remains available and archived.

9:00 AM EDT “Why Should I?” 

Louise O’Boyle


9:20 AM EDT “Creating an [academic] Online Presence via Humanities Commons Blog”

Kay Sohini


9:40 AM EDT “Teaching DH in India: Online/Offline” 

Arjun Ghosh


10:00 AM EDT “Using Humanities Commons to Teach”

Palak Taneja


10:20 AM EDT “Yes, YOU Can! Building capable, sustainable web-based research databases and public outreach with just a browser”

Ian Johnson



“Publishing as process: Humanities Commons as a collaborative publication platform”

Janneke Adema


11:20 AM EDT “Someone Built a Tower on the Commons”

Pat Lockley


11:40 AM EDT “Humanities Commons as a Project Platform”

Andrew Newman


12:00 PM EDT “Virtual Hemingway: Using Humanities Commons to Create a Website Archive”

Lisa Tyler


12:20 PM EDT “De-Canonizing Shakespeare”

Tony Tambasco


12:40 PM EDT “Shakespeare in Early Film: A New Online Resource”

Kendra Leonard


1:00 PM EDT Humanities Commons as the Map of an (Evolving) Academic Career”

A. David Lewis


1:20 PM EDT “All the Lost Sheep”

Patrick McEvoy-Halston


1:40 PM EDT “Building Dual Power”

Adam Edwards


2:00 PM EDT “Against All Odds: Researching and Presenting the Stories of Mississippi’s First Black Legislators” 

DeeDee Baldwin



“Twitter, Equity, and Justice in the Humanities”

Roopika Risam


3:00 PM EDT “Showing Up and Spending Time: Building Value at HC”

Linda Levitt


3:20 PM EDT “EarlyPrint Library”

Philip Burns


3:40 PM EDT “The Historical Atlas of Lowell: A Deep Mapping Project”

Michael Millner


4:00 PM EDT “Re-thinking Neurohumanities”

Amanda Caterina Leong & Mehran Moradi



4:20 PM EDT “Arts Management – Better Connecting Academia and Practice”

Sherri Helwig


4:40 PM EDT


Humanities Commons’ Influence on Writing Courses Engagement”

Erin Jensen


5:00 PM EDT “The Legacy of Oscar Mack: Memory, Community, and Recovery”

Julian Chambliss


5:20 PM EDT “Research as a Process: Read/Think/Research/Write/Revise/Think”

Brooke A. Carlson


5:40 PM EDT Tea and Coffee Break
6:00 PM EDT “Rhetoric, Social Media, and Humanities Commons

Bradley Philbert


6:20 PM EDT “#LitCrit: Literature and Critique in the Age of Twitter”

Daniella Gati


6:40 PM EDT “Giving Voice to the Public Domain in a Crowdsourced Creation/Curation Community”

Amelia Chesley



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